3D Printing Transforming Travel

3D printing has been poised to transform travel for several years. We’re now seeing the beginnings of 3D printed airplane food, jet engines, cars, and even space station equipment. How will 3D printing improve how we get from one place to another? Here are a few jet-setting innovations happening at the intersection of 3D printing and travel.

5G Will Change The Game For Medical Practitioners

How the technology will have a profound impact on healthcare delivery. For doctors and other medical practitioners, 5G technology can help them not only perform their jobs more effectively, but also do things they couldn’t have accomplished before. That’s primarily thanks to two factors. First is 5G’s greater bandwidth, which will let them download files anywhere from

Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy at the office

Does your work require you to stare at a computer screen for many hours at a time? If so, eyestrain may become a serious problem. A current story by the everon small-business blog says that workers plugged into their computers can face a host of problems, from watery eyes to headaches, increased sensitivity to light and difficulty

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