April 2018 Business Continuity Tip: Using LinkedIn Safely and Securely

LinkedIn is the social network for the business world — whether you’re a professional highlighting your skills and work history, or a company networking with other businesses or advertising open positions. Like any social network, there are security concerns you should look out for on LinkedIn’s platform.

  1. Look out for fake profiles. There are scams out there that will invite you to connect on LinkedIn in an attempt to access your sensitive information. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes, strange names or fake looking profile pictures, or a work history that just doesn’t add up.
  2. Look for signs of a phishing attempt in any suspicious invite or connection emails, even if you think you recognize the person’s name. Check spelling and grammar, the sending email and domain name, and hover over any links in the email to see what those URLs are too.
  3. Use a unique password for your LinkedIn account and enable two-factor authentication. Access this through your profile’s privacy settings.