April 2019 Business Continuity Tip

The Physical Side of Security

Being security aware doesn’t just mean being aware of suspicious links and cyber activities – it also means paying attention to physical situations. Here are three scenarios in the tangible world to keep in mind.

1) Should that door be open? Don’t let secured areas remain unlocked. If you have access to a secured area, don’t let anyone else in with you without proper approval. Make sure no one enters behind you before the door shuts.

2) Do you know that person? Don’t assume that an unfamiliar person has the right to be there. It’s OK to confirm that a person is who they seem to be and that they have permission to be where they are. Report unusual events.

3) Should you be talking about that here? Avoid publicly discussing sensitive data. If you’re discussing private or sensitive information, do so only in private or where you are sure no one can overhear.