April 2020 Business Continuity Tip

Work From Home Securely

Due to COVID-19, many businesses are moving to remote working out of caution or necessity. If you’re moving out of the trusted office environment to a possibly unsecure home setup, here are some tips to follow. Remember that this sort of uncertain situation is exactly the time that cyber attackers start looking for weaknesses.

1. Be wary of phishing attacks. Be extra cautious when opening your emails – coronavirus-related attacks are on the rise. Check the sender information for errors and always hover over links before clicking on them.

2. Verify credential change requests. If you’re moving to a new environment, you may have to log into your systems and accounts again. But if you get a request to check or renew your passwords and login credentials, always verify its authenticity first.

3. Secure your Wi-Fi connection. If you have an older home Wi-Fi setup, check to make sure it’s secured and that default passwords for your devices, like your router, are changed too.

4. Use anti-virus. If you’re using a personal computer rather than your work machine, make sure you have anti-virus and anti-malware solutions running.

5. Use a secure connection, like a VPN, to access your work environment. Ask your IT department to help you set up this connection or to show you how to use the method they recommend.