August 2019 Business Continuity Tip

Keeping Your Workforce Safe

Everyday threats, such as natural disasters, workplace violence, disgruntled employees, or cyberattacks, put your workforce and operations at risk. You need to ensure that your company is prepared and protected should these threats occur.

1. Understand what sheltering in place means. Many people believe that sheltering in place means staying exactly where you are. There’s more to it than that.

2. Plan for a hostage situation. Most organizations don’t think to plan for this type of situation until it’s too late. Many are uncomfortable, thinking that even planning and practicing for a hostage situation will make people panic. But proper planning can reduce the risk of something going wrong during an already life-threatening scenario.

3. Handle disgruntled employees well. Learn how to identify the signs of an angry or hostile employee, and follow the right steps to mitigate the situation.