AT&T Colocation

Consolidate and grow
cost-effectively and reliably.

AT&T Colocation

Expand capacity
Moving into new markets or acquiring new companies means increasing data center resources. In today’s climate of tight budgets, finding the funds to build a new data center is no easy task. And, data center construction can take as long as 12-18 months.

AT&T Colocation is a subscription–based, turnkey solution that delivers high bandwidth, low-latency connections, along with redundant WAN connections within AT&T Internet Data
Centers. Now, you can avoid facility construction and related expenses, while simplifying IT management and budgeting.

Unmatched availability
With AT&T, you can quickly expand both capacity and data reach with less disruption and more flexibility. AT&T Internet Data Centers consistently deliver the highest standards for enterprise performance, reliability, and security—backed by our 99.999 percent availability guarantee.

Maintain control
AT&T Colocation allows you to maintain control over your data within a fully redundant, enterprise-class data center, while freeing up your IT staff to focus on other business initiatives.

Advantages of AT&T Colocation

Potential Benefits:

  • Quickly deploy high-bandwidth, low–latency IT services globally
  • Achieve 99.999 percent availability
  • Reduce risk with layered security and compliance readiness
  • Avoid capital investments through a predictable monthly fee


  • Full power of AT&T’s network assets and enterprise-class Internet Data Centers
  • Seamless connectivity to the AT&T network
  • Comprehensive, 24x7x365 Internet Data Center and network monitoring