AT&T IP Flexible Reach

True convergence.
More options.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach

Consolidate and optimize
What if you could integrate your voice and data networks using one reliable, high-performance solution? Voice and data traffic riding over the same transport drives greater bandwidth utilization and potential access to cost savings.

AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a SIP trunking service that integrates access for IP PBX, TDM PBX or Key System environments. Through one provider, you can receive a unified VoIP and data communication solution that delivers consistent performance.

Multiple plans, one solution
IP Flexible Reach gives you a variety of calling plans and access speeds, along with Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTNs) for establishing local visibility within a calling area. Centralized Call Delivery lets you use an existing IP data network and hardware to distribute calls to branch office sites, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware.

Business-class quality
To help ensure the highest voice and data quality across your business, IP Flexible Reach leverages the highly secure AT&T MPLS Network, backed by stringent Service Level

Advantages of AT&T IP Flexible Reach

Potential Benefits:

  • Flexible calling plans to fit your business needs
  • Drive greater bandwidth utilization and cost savings with converged voice and data traffic
  • Improve existing communications infrastructure efficiency and value
  • Centralize call delivery into a single, unified answering system


  • A wide variety of access speeds, from T1 to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Supports both local and Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTNs)
  • Class of Service enables voice and data packet prioritization
  • Service Level Agreements for VoIP service and underlying transport