Wireless Wide Area Network (Wireless WAN)

Extend the reach of your network.

Wireless Wide Area Network (Wireless WAN)

Fast and flexible
Wireless Wide Area Network (Wireless WAN) connectivity from AT&T can help your business stay connected, reduce installation intervals and enable data transmission and transaction
processing from almost anywhere business takes you. More than just a backup solution, Wireless WAN is ideal for primary connectivity for lower bandwidth applications when wired networks are unavailable or simply not feasible.

Whether you need to back up an existing network, open a branch office or deploy remote applications, it’s important that you have consistent network connectivity. Wireless WAN can provide an ideal backup solution for mission-critical data. If a landline outage occurs, you have the added confidence of knowing that your network is supported by the AT&T
wireless data network. Plus, with a Wireless WAN solution, you can leverage your existing security options for network-to-network connectivity.

Wireless WAN connectivity makes network connectivity not only feasible, but cost-effective. New locations can be connected to your corporate network, and existing sites can be moved, without the typical landline installation intervals or added costs.

Advantages of a Wireless Wide Area Network

Potential Benefits:

  • Get connectivity when and where you need it
  • Maintain more secure and reliable network connectivity
  • Build a cost-effective solution


  • Faster to install than traditional landlines
  • Flexibility to relocate quickly and easily
  • Ideal backup solution for mission-critical data
  • Reliable network-to-network connections