How Do I Log Into My URDirect Spam Filter?


You can easily log into see your spam messages, blacklist or whitelist senders and set spam aggressiveness by following these steps…


Username: (your email address)

Password: (your email password)

The My Filter page is an overview of your filter settings and pending messages
Setting Filter Aggressiveness

To set your filter’s aggressiveness, click on one of the radio buttons from “Lenient” to “Strict”. The strictest setting corresponds to holding all messages that score 3.5 or higher. The most lenient setting corresponds to holding messages that score 6.5 or higher. The middle (and recommended) setting holds messages that score 5 or higher.

You can disable spam scanning completely by clicking Disable Spam Scanning. Click on Enable Spam Scanning (which appears only if spam-scanning is currently disabled) to re-enable spam-scanning.
Sender Rules

From the My Filter page, you can quickly add a sender address or domain, and tell URDirect CanIt-Domain-PRO always to accept mail from that address or domain. Simply set the pulldown menu to “Always accept mail from…”, enter the address or domain in the text box, and click Add.

Conversely, you can tell CanIt-Domain-PRO to always reject mail from a sender or domain by changing the pulldown menu to “Always reject mail from…”, entering the address or domain, and clicking Add.
The Trap

Under the settings and sender rule areas, the My Filter page displays pending messages. These are messages that CanIt-Domain-PRO thinks might be spam. To release all messages, click on the corresponding green checkmark next to “All:”. To reject all messages, click on the red X. To accept or reject a message individually, click the drop down menu arrow in the “Status” column for all options available for each email.  After you have chosen what to do with trapped messages, click Submit Changes. Messages you have chosen to reject will be discarded, while those you have chosen to accept will shortly be delivered to your mailbox. (This may take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.)

If you are not sure if a message is spam or not, click on the subject to see the first part of the message body. This usually provides sufficient context for you to make the decision.

If you click on the message date, CanIt-Domain-PRO will display a detailed analysis of why the message was held in the pending trap.

Click on the sender address (the part before the “@” sign) to add a rule pertaining to that sender. Click on the sender domain (the part after the “@” sign) to add a rule for that domain