Internet Access Options

Our sister company is an  Independent Internet company specializing in Business Class Internet Service to those who want dependable access.  We have been operating as a service provider since 1997 and one of the only independent providers still in existence. Why do companies go with for their service.  It’s simple.  It’s all about service and support.  We provide first class support where you  can call us and a person answers the phone.  No call center.

We offer many different types of access

Broadband DSL – This is our most popular for home users and small business.  We have speeds from 3mbps to 75mbps and everything in between.  This service is not available in all areas.  Contact us at or 210-692-9911 and we can run a check on your address.

Broadband Plus – With our plus service we have speeds up to 300mbps and great for heavy internet users or companies who host their own servers.  The Plus service is very popular with our business clients because it a great balance between price and service levels.  Contact us at or 210-692-9911 and we can run a check on your address.

Fiber Optics – With the internet being a vital part of business now a days you need the best connection available.  With our symmetric fiber optics internet service it provides our business customers with the best connection to the internet.  We guarantee 99.99 percent uptime with our service.  Contact us at or 210-692-9911 and we can run a check on your address.

Wireless 4G – We have the ability to provide backup wireless internet connection to your existing primary internet connection.  Here is how it works.  We add a 4G wireless card to your router and when your primary connection fails the wireless 4G connections becomes active.  When your primary internet comes up the system switches back to the primary connection.

Other Connection Options – We also provide T1/T3 connections as well as bonded T1 circuits.  In remote areas we can provide you with wireless solution with one of our partners.