Managed Printer Services

Managed Print Services

Benefits of Managed Print

When our customers initially adopt the Managed Print Service, they achieve immediate benefits. We help them to Optimize their printer fleet to further reduce costs and improve efficiency. Finally, we help them create greater long-term savings and benefits and become their trusted advisor.  Continue reading to see how Global On-Line Computers can help you by managing your printer fleet!


  • Lower the Total Cost of Ownership of your print fleet
  • Achieve “just-in-time” supplies replenishment through an analysis of printer usage patterns and output options
  • Rapid service and repairs keep your network running at maximum productivity and reduces administrative burden


  • Increased cost savings over time as network downtime and waste are eliminated


  • Additional cost savings through greater energy savings and waste reduction
  • Maximized “Green” benefits through gradual technology upgrades and equipment refresh


At the heart of our managed print solution is the Data Collection Agent (DCA), a software application that resides on your printer network to monitor and analyze usage and workflow. It reports critical data back back to us, enabling us to forecast consumables levels, schedule regular maintenance, and troubleshoot problems so that your network stays up and running.

DCA User Benefits:

  • Secure network software – No hardware to install
  • Communicates ONLY with your internal network and the remote monitor
  • Uses standard network protocols (SNMP, ICMP, PJL, HTTPS, HTTP)
  • Identifies all of your printing devices and activities through detailed reporting
  • Provides tremendous cost savings and convenience

Prior to implementation of the managed print system, GOCI must first conduct a comprehensive walk-through to assess the current state of the printer network. There are two stages to this assessment:

Pre-Assessment Logistics

  • Execute Scope of Work agreement
  • Deliver notification for department managers via TBA or project lead
  • Research your pattern of consumables usage
  • Collaborate with IT to install DCA
  • Obtain preliminary analysis of devices via DCA

Assessment Tactics

  • Install DCA
  • Interview high-level management (executives, department heads, etc.)
  • Work out financing
  • Procure equipment
  • Implement IT
  • Conduct walk-through to identify non-networked devices


To set up an assessment, please call Global On-Line Computers, Inc. at (210) 692-9911.