May 2017 Business Continuity Tip

Clear Out Cyber Clutter

Start fresh this spring — online and offline. In addition to the traditional tasks on your spring cleaning list, take time for “digital spring cleaning” as well. Just a few simple steps can make a big difference in helping protect yourself online.

  • Clean your machine. Update the security software on all of your devices that connect to the Internet. Delete any used applications to free up storage and remove any of the apps’ permissions.
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication. Enable estronger authentication on your online banking and email accounts. Multi-factor (or two-factor) authentication helps verify a user has authorized access to an account.
  • Tidy your online reputation. Review your social media accounts and delete old photos or posts that no longer represent who you are. Also take the time to review your privacy settings.

Visit and download the National Cyber Security Alliance’s Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist for more steps