September 2019 Business Continuity Tip

3 Tips for Preventing Hacking

Don’t assume that because you’re a small organization you won’t get hacked. Small businesses are just as much as a target for hackers as large corporations. Here are some basic tips to help prevent hackers from breaching your system. (But remember, no security defense is foolproof: You need a multi-layered defense plan.)

1. Require complex passwords. Don’t just require that your employees use passwords, use a policy to enforce complex, strong passwords. Never use default passwords that may come with hardware or services.

2. Monitor who can access your accounts. If you share access to your email, social media, or service account with employees, vendors, or partners, make sure you revoke that access when it’s no longer necessary or someone exits the company.

3. Only use trusted devices. Make sure you only access your work and private accounts with trusted devices, such as your work computer or company phone. Don’t log into private or sensitive accounts from a public computer, such as at the library.