Tech for the next generation of learners and leaders

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by Tony Sheffler

Whether we like it or not, our kids are very dependent on technology. They were born with electronic devices around them and will rack up a lot of use-time prior to ever entering a classroom. Because of this, learning through technology has become vitally important to the next generation of learners and leaders.

Technology provides teachers with a multitude of resources that are not traditionally available to them. For example, instead of carrying multiple books to the classroom, a teacher can simply open an app. Another interesting method of utilizing technology in the classroom is by giving lectures through presentations. Presentations allow the use of audio/visual methods which can be very useful in explaining certain subjects such as science and geography. It also makes it much easier for teachers to get their points across to their students.

Children today are more comfortable with technology than they are with traditional ways of education.Children today are more comfortable with technology than they are with traditional ways of education. Hence, students are very receptive to methods such as presentations and other online initiatives.The more technology advances in the classroom, the more I hear teachers expressing through social media just how engaged and active their students are. Gone are the days of sitting in a desk all day and being taught from a chalk board. It is becoming an increasingly necessary method of educating as more children are brought up in this technological world. Integrating technology in the classroom, allows students, parents and teachers to collaborate in real-time throughout the day.

Technology is being used in every single industry around the world. As we prepare students for STEM careers, it’s vitally important to ensure our children are ready. The health sector utilizes electronic machinery for tasks ranging from manufacturing medicine to performing heart surgeries. Similarly, the manufacturing industry, the retail sector, and the corporate sector all rely on technology to work, it has become the backbone of the entire professional world. It is essential for children to maintain a deep understanding of technology as they prepare to be our future leaders and innovators.

This is a guest post by Tony Sheffler, the co-founder of Classform, an education technology software and STEM services company. Classform’s mission is to make STEM technology accessible to all classrooms and empower children to tap into their limitless potential.